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All of our teachers have degrees and credentials appropriate for what they are teaching. For example, a high school English teacher will have a degree and teaching license. All of our teachers have thorough background checks done each year. This is true for our international teachers, who go through a more rigorous annual check. In addition, the screening and interview process at Lemons-Aid is rigorous as we want to make sure we have mission-appropriate teachers. We expect our teachers to have a strong Christian faith. We work hard to examine their ability to teach their subject areas in light of the truth in scripture; this is true for all teachers, whether they teach academic subjects or enrichment subjects. They have a high respect for parents and families and understand that parents have the right and responsibility to educate their children. Our teachers work for you. They support parents and partner with families. These are teachers you can trust. 

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Karen Lemons

Karen Lemons


As the founder of Lemons-Aid, Karen’s primary focus is to protect and advance the mission and vision to support families to equip the minds and shepherd the hearts of children. She wants to see learners come to saving faith in Christ and to see the world from a biblical worldview. She continues to teach too because she is crazy about those kids!

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