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Kim Parinisi

English Teacher

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My favorite book of the Bible Psalms is where I often end up going when my heart is sore, life is overwhelming, or when I am bubbling over with so much love for the LORD that I am about to burst! I cherish the fact that God cares for us so much that he wants us to come to him continually, as our perfectly loving Father in heaven, with our joys, our sorrows, our questions, our comments, our complaints our fears, our praise, and our love. There are examples of each of these kinds of conversations with the Lord in the book of Psalms. He never belittles our frustrations or scorns our grief. He responds with grace and truth to meet our needs. In Psalms we see his majesty, his goodness, his mercy, his righteousness, his longsuffering, his truth, his beauty, his justice, his love. – and SO much more… Of course, Psalms can never stand alone. We need the whole truth of God’s Word for life (including eternal life through Jesus Christ!) and godliness: every book, every sentence, every word. But the book of Psalms contains such a broad taste of God’s truth and is so overflowing with his love, that I can’t help going back again, and again, and again.
Education & Certification Bachelor of Science in Education (Cairn University)
Bachelor of Science in Bible (Cairn University)
NY certification, Secondary English
PA certification‚ Secondary English
ACSI certification‚ Secondary English, endorsement in music
Experience Looking back, I realize my heart has always been in education. I started teaching in Sunday school and Awana when I was in high school. I decided to pursue a degree in education, and during most of my college summers I continued to teach Bible clubs and vacation Bible schools as a local summer missionary through Child Evangelism Fellowship. During this time, I also studied music and received classical training in both piano and voice, traveling with small and large classical Christian ensembles. A highlight was a singing missions trip to the British Isles with the chamber singers from Cairn University. After college, I taught secondary English briefly for a local public high school before transitioning to my career as a wife and mother. I homeschooled my seven children from pre-school through graduation (three down, four to go!) Throughout my homeschooling years, I have continued to teach Bible studies (pre-school through adult) at my church, private piano and voice lessons, and I have coordinated and coached homeschool intramural sports programs (targeted PE) for our large local Christian homeschool community. I really love to help people learn!
What My Classroom is Like I view each virtual class as a team and my job as a caring coach.
Top team priorities: 1. Glorify God 2. Player development 3. Victory
Our virtual classroom will include lively teaching, practical activities, and team interactions designed to help students learn to know, love and serve God better. The training program to help us achieve this goal is the academic curriculum that we will be tackling. During training, I will look for ways to help each student climb from their own personal academic level of understanding and skill to the next rung in their academic ladder. And in the end, I aim to help each player master the content of the class (achieve victory!) while encouraging and challenging their teammates to do the same.
When I’m not Teaching or Working… I only pretend to be grown up. I still love sports (playing and coaching, but my favorite is watching my children play) and music and reading and spending time with my friends (especially my children). I also love taking long walks up my dirt road alone with the Lord admiring his beauty and his amazing handiwork, singing to him, pouring out my heart to him and asking him a million questions, both practical and philosophical, when I don‚Äôt know what to do or think. I deeply understand choas…so please never be afraid to ask me a question, have the webcam show a world of clutter;-) or admit you need help. We are learning together in life. We are a team. I care about you and your students, and I want to help you in any way I can. And you can help me.
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