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Devoted Disciples

You are committed in heart and mind to walk in a manner worthy of your calling as a servant of Christ. You read and study the Bible and can apply it to various scenarios, content areas, studies, and situations. You are on your own journey, being sanctified to be more Christ-like and growing in your knowledge of the Lord.



You see yourself as a teacher of learners first, then your content area. Wanting to see young people redeemed and sanctified, you care about them and have a redemptive view of discipline and classroom management. You understand childhood development and have teaching chops.



With the ability to design unique and creative learning experiences for students, you are an expert in your field. You continue to pursue understanding and knowledge. You have a degree and continue to keep up to date on your specialty area through continued study and engagement with others in your field.

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We are selective in our partnerships and are looking for creative, godly people who can reimagine online learning. 

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We are hiring:

Marketplace Director of The Lemonade Stand & Business Teacher

We are designing an online marketplace for students to sell their own products and make purchases with currency earned on the platform. We are looking for a director-level entrepreneur who is a "builder" at heart, developing the business and entrepreneurial program (the marketplace, currency, course gamification, curriculum, courses, instructors, etc.). You get to teach too. Teach & build! It doesn't get any better than that!

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Technology Director & Tech Teacher

We are looking for a leader who can implement our tech roadmap and develop new ideas to further our mission and vision. You will guide our freelance developers, manage the platform's infrastructure, and create new and exciting features for our learning platform! The opportunity to teach tech classes and mentor a young tech group will bring even more opportunity. If you are passionate about Christian education, serve Jesus as your Lord, love our mission and vision, and are a technical wizard, we need you.

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Biblical Counseling at Lemons-Aid Learning

Biblical Counseling Director

We are looking for a counselor who is certified by The Association of Certified Biblical Counseling and who is an entrepreneur at heart. You will develop and build the counseling department, whereby you design courses and curriculum, hire counselors, and create an innovative program for kids and adults who need biblical solutions for today's problems. We want to offer virtual counseling support, parenting classes, group counseling, mentoring, and discipleship. This is a chance to dream and create in a Christian education-tech startup.

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Secondary Engineering

We are looking for a teacher that will inspire tomorrow's problem solvers in the realm of engineering. Are you familiar with Engineering By Design or ITEEA? Can you get students to build and create a windmill in an online environment. Maybe you have other ideas! If so, we want to chat!
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Math teacher at Lemons-Aid Learning

Secondary Math

We need math teachers, especially those who can teach curricula commonly used by homeschool families (Saxon, Singapore, Denison, etc.). We also want non-traditional math courses such as personal finance, investing, etc. If you know what Visual Math is, we need to chat!
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Secondary Social Studies

We need teachers who love history so much, their students become passionate historians. Can you think outside the box to creatively teach your content? Can you run simulations online? Do you know what TCI is? Can you teach students to do historical research? If so, reach out!
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music notes


Do you think you would be a fantastic fit for Lemons-Aid and must share your ideas? Go for it and apply! We're open to art, music, foreign language, Bible, and other elective teachers. We want to partner with others who are passionate about our mission and vision, and who have a passion they want to share with young people.

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American Sign Language teacher at Lemons-Aid Learning

American Sign Language & Other Foreign Languages

Teaching through storytelling, learners have a blast acquiring language. If you are familiar with using TPRS and teaching foreign languages through story-asking, we are ready to hire and get you plugged in right away! You must understand Blaine Ray's TPRS method or be willing to learn.

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Secondary English

Reading, Writing, Speech, oh, my! You will teach courses we are running on Outschool and the Lemon Grove Learning Platform. We are looking for a teacher who can work 10-20 hours weekly, especially Wednesday - Saturday and M-F during after-school hours and evenings in the U.S.

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