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My favorite book of the Bible

Bringing me great peace, the book of Daniel is my absolute favorite! The theme of this book is the sovereignty of God, which means God is in control of everything. Pair God’s goodness with His sovereignty, and we realize that we don’t have to worry about anything! God is in control of this world, governments, families, the future, and even my own life. Besides the gospel itself, this brings great peace when you realize the universe isn’t spinning out of control. Literally, God’s got it!

Education & Certification

I have a bachelor’s degree in English, a minor in Education, and a master’s degree in Education Administration. I hold a teaching certificate and a principal’s license in both Colorado and Washington.


I have worked in private and public schools at every level. I am also an affiliate faculty member at Colorado Christian University, coaching teacher candidates in their undergraduate and graduate teacher education programs. I am a teacher of teachers! A homeschool mom myself, I am getting my teenage boys through the final stretch of their secondary schooling, and two are officially launched! I love all aspects of education and see myself and everyone else as learners. As the scope and reach of Lemons-Aid broaden, I am spending more time working to advance its mission and vision. My heart’s desire is to see families and young people live a life worthy of their calling as sons and daughters of the Most High God.


What My Classroom is Like

My classroom is a special place, where students feel known and loved. I work to establish a familial atmosphere and to keep students engaged. Students themselves are also responsible for keeping themselves engaged, which is why I teach them how to do this. My classes are challenging because I believe that all kids can learn and can do hard things; therefore, I have high expectations for them regarding academics and behavior.

When I'm not Teaching or Working...

I live in the Denver, Colorado area where I cheer on the Broncos, Avs, and Rockies. My favorite athletes are my own boys though, and you may see me at the hockey rink or on the baseball field drinking coffee. I garden, host Bible studies, mountain bike (downhill only!) in the Rocky Mountains, make my family go camping, laugh with my husband, and soak up 300 days of annual sunshine in gorgeous Colorado.

Courses Types

Lemons-Aid Education: Supporting Families. Equipping Learners. Serving Christ.