Moms & Dads:

You are your child's first and best teachers.

Nobody is better than YOU!

You are a teacher. You taught your child how to walk, say “Mama,” eat by herself, use her words, be nice, say, “Thank you,” ride a bike, and pray. You’re an expert on your child’s amazing strengths and difficult challenges. Nobody but our Lord loves and knows your child better. You are more equipped to teach your child than anyone else in the world. 

Like other aspects of parenting, teaching your own child is HARD. Sometimes you need a little support. That support ranges from parenting classes to babysitting; from a youth pastor who teaches your child to honor his parents to a neighbor who has the right tools to build a go-kart; from someone who is a geometry wiz to another who is passionate about seeing God through science. It’s okay to rely on your community for support, but YOU are the one that determines and directs it all. You’re the boss. 

What about learners with special needs?

We meet a lot of parents who homeschool. But we also meet a lot of moms and dads that would like to homeschool but say they can’t. We hear it all the time: 

“My son has special needs. He has to go to public school, so he can get services.” 


Special education teachers can be invaluable to parents who need support for their kids with special needs. And the public schools often have services for you even if you homeschool. Just remember, special education teachers don’t have magic powers and many don’t have extensive training and knowledge in disabilities. They have training and experience in techniques to use with children who have special needs. And they’re very patient! They offer valuable support and can give parents a lot of relief and help. If you have a special education teacher you like, rejoice! I’ll let you in on a secret, those same techniques are easily taught by YOU, and there’s a lot you can do! 

You Can Do It.
We'll Give You a Hand.

Introducing Courses and Webinars for Home Educators

First, a story from Karen Lemons, our founder: 

When one of my sons completed some testing in preschool, the results were alarming. He was “at risk for learning failure.” Those black letters on the paper along with confusing graphs and charts scowled at me. I knew my son had some issues, but I didn’t know why or what to do about it. We got him tested at the University of Washington, and quite frankly, their assessment was ridiculous. The psychologist told me he had sensory processing disorder and feels like he’s going to “fly away” because he doesn’t have enough muscle strength. Uh….what? My five-year-old hockey player whose pediatrician just told me his core muscle strength was exceptional? 

Try again, Mr. University Psychologist. 

Obviously, we need to be discerning when we hear labels and diagnoses from “experts.” I can’t even bear to tell you what a psychologist told me about one of my other children. It was outrageous and horrifying. I had to remind myself that I know my child better. The same is true for you! 

But still, I knew my boy needed some kind of intervention. Our beloved private school offered the NILD Search and Teach education therapy. But on top of our private school tuition, it cost an additional $10,000 per year! Perhaps, I could have gotten that therapy for free from a public school. And many parents go that route. If it’s available to you, consider it. However, a Christian education was just too important to me, so I researched the program and I did some research to make sure it worked. I flew from Washington to Virginia to attend training by the National Institute for Learning Development on how to teach this program. I spent a few hundred dollars on materials and painted a long chalkboard in my garage. I put two of my children through the program and helped my friends’ kids too.

You know what? That same kid who was “at risk for learning failure” graduated from high school and has straight A’s in college (after a first semester adjustment. ;). He is not a learning failure. I didn’t pay $10k a year for 12 years. My trip to Virginia saved me $120,000. And I didn’t turn him over to public schools to indoctrinate his mind and steal his heart. 

But I did get some support. Those teachers in Virginia taught me how to teach. And then I taught my son. I was grateful for the special education teachers at the school who gave valuable advice along the way and gave me a break when I needed it.

This is how Lemons-Aid helps parents. We can give you a hand while you teach your kids. We can even give you a break. 

Parent Coaching Experiences

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Rest assured. You can do it.

Learners with Special Needs

You are the best teacher for your child

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Teaching the Faith

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Become a Parent Leader

If you read Mrs. Lemons’ story above, you know that she used her knowledge and program materials to help her mom friends. When she was done with the materials, she handed them off to missionary friends who were starting homeschools in a closed country. When they left the mission field 17 years later, they left the materials to the local teachers they had trained. 


Form a group to learn together, or form a group to mentor! Seasoned homeschool parents know A LOT and can pass that knowledge along to new homeschool parents. Pass the torch.

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