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Our classes aim to engage learners to maximize learning. Classes, curriculum, lessons, and assignments are purposeful and intentional. 


Community connection is a core value, even for online learners. Our classes foster friendship. Learners get special, safe community groups and make friends with people around the world.

Have fun

We know we compete with video games, and we serve a generation surrounded by glitzy distractions. We aim to keep learning fun to keep them engaged. 
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We value biblical thinking

Lemons-Aid Education has a mission to equip learners to know God and understand themselves and their world through a biblical lens so that they can live a life worthy of their calling, completely devoted to Jesus Christ. We have a vision to support families around the world by providing the absolute best education, achieved through excellent content, effective and proven pedagogy, authentic relationships, a biblical worldview, and high expectations for all whether in an online or in-person environment. Faithful Christian teachers, counselors, staff members, and leaders, qualified and experienced, will be ready to serve you and your family. For the glory of God, they will collaborate with families to provide effective instruction, guidance, counseling, and discipleship according to the Christian faith. We are for Him. We are for you.

Lemons-Aid believes that all learners should have access to effective instruction, based on quality curriculum. Devoted and caring,  Christian teachers want your learners to understand God, their world, and themselves through a biblical lens. While the right and responsibility to educate children falls on the shoulders of parents, Lemons-Aid is happy to support and bolster families and their learners, supporting them to live a life devoted to Christ, accomplishing their goals, realizing their dreams, and living according to their great calling as servants of the King of Kings. 
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Do hard things

Boost your confidence, master new skills, learn new concepts. This takes a commitment to do hard things. Like the standards we have for our teachers, we also expect our learners to do hard things, whether that means they stand firm in their convictions, learn geometry, write an essay, or give an oral presentation. You can do hard things!

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We are surrounded by the mediocre, as in expectations at some schools, as well as the excellent, as in classic literature and beautiful architecture like pictured above. The mediocre demoralizes learners while the beautiful inspires. At Lemons-Aid, we seek excellence in everything, a core value driving what we do; it applies to curriculum, teachers, pedagogy, course design, and the expectations we have for the learners' work. God equips each of us with gifts and talents, and we use them for his glory to best of our ability. We do not compromise.

Lemons-Aid is different

Why Lemons-Aid when there are
so many other options? 

Excellent Theology & Excellent Classes.

All content through a Biblical lens.
Theology is critically important for understanding all content areas.
Curated courses.
Classical courses.
Engaging Curriculum.

Excellent Teachers.

They love the Lord.
They know their content.
They will love your learners.
They are creative.
They want your learners to engage.
They are 100% devoted to YOU.
We are all homeschool educators too!

Excellent Service.

We serve the Lord.
We work hard for families.
We communicate well.
We work for you! 
Quick responses to questions.
Authentic and careful feedback.
Sibling discounts (just ask).
Instruction was engaging, interesting and challenging for my daughter. My daughter actually looked forward to this class time and felt encouraged. I heard her laugh, participate, and feel empowered.
—Parent feedback, end-of-course survey

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