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Think Biblically.
The Bible, infallible and inerrant, is the very written word of God, who has revealed Himself to man. The Bible is like the light we cast on all content areas in order to understand it, whether that be literature, physical science, history, or geometry.
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Do Hard Things
Boost your confidence, master new skills, learn new concepts. This takes a commitment to do hard things. Like the standards we have for our teachers, we also expect our learners to do hard things, whether that means they stand firm in their convictions, learn geometry, write an essay, or give an oral presentation. You can do hard things!
Study the Beautiful
We are surrounded by the mediocre, which is not good! We see this in expectations at some schools, the poor customer service at a store, and even architecture like in a gray, uninspiring complex of high-occupancy housing.

In contrast, we are surrounded by the beautiful, which is good! We see the beautiful in classic literature, music, and beautiful architecture like pictured here.

The mediocre demoralizes learners while the beautiful inspires.

At Lemons-Aid Learning, we study the beautiful: classic literature, artful sentence construction, art, poetry, maths, God's hand in all of history, and God's very creation. His creation glorifies Him, and in our study of all content areas, we learn about who God is.

We do not compromise. This means we don't choose a graphic novel of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. We read the original play. We know how to make the complexity and beauty of classic study approachable and understandable to a modern audience. It's more difficult, but worth the effort!
Lemons-Aid Learning is different

Why Lemons-Aid Learning, when there are so many other options?



Students learn all content through a Biblical lens. Theology is important for understanding all subject areas. We are carefully curating courses that capture learners’ imagination while pointing them to God through sound doctrine. THIS is most important!

We Serve

We serve the Lord. We work hard for families. We communicate well. We work for you! We work to give quick responses to questions, authentic and careful feedback, and to solve any conflict. We also give sibling discounts (just ask).


As home educators ourselves, familiar with the joys and struggles of teaching our own children, we can relate! Rest assured, we are content-area experts, we have appropriate degrees and certifications. We love exercising our creative muscles and engaging your learners. We are supporting families, equipping learners, and serving Christ. See, we are 100% devoted to Him and to you!

Live, Online Learning, Reimagined.

Our online classes are intentional, personal, and HIGH QUALITY. These are not the Zoom calls, reminiscent of virtual online classes during COVID shut downs.

Foundations of Essay Writing
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Instruction was engaging, interesting and challenging for my daughter. My daughter actually looked forward to this class time and felt encouraged. I heard her laugh, participate, and feel empowered.
Middle School English Language Arts
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In the beginning of the year, he tested 80th percentile on his iReady reading test, he just wrapped up end of year testing and scored in the 99th percentile! While he worked hard this year, and committed himself to producing quality work he could not have done so without your robust curriculum, all the build-up to writing excellent essays and class engagement! Thank you!!! Have a wonderful summer and he will see you in the fall!
A Taste of Things to Come
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Teacher keeps all of her students engaged for the entire class. My son would rather hide and not have video show his face. However the teacher kindly has everyone “present” the entire class. He did all of the little “assignments” she had them do, without me saying a word, plus took responsibility to get them turned in, without my hovering. We are doing her next class for sure!
Middle School English Language Arts
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She will begin 8th grade in August at a public Charter School here in Hawaii, and I think your class has given her an excellent foundation. Also, she recently completed her standardized testing, (I test every year as a measure of how I am doing and where I may be falling short on curriculum) and she killed it. KILLED it. Her ELA was outstanding and I attribute her learning to you. Mahalo for your dedication.
Middle School English Language Arts
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We, especially I, really appreciate you and your love for teaching!!! I have been weary from teaching this crazy crew in my house for all these years, and I really needed to distribute the load. It has been SOOOOOOOOO wonderful to know the girls are learning and growing with you in your class. I appreciate you.
Our Distinctives

A Biblical

There is no such thing as truth, or facts, that are neutral or separate from The Truth, who is Jesus. Therefore, the study of our world, ourselves, and life should be understood through a biblical lens. 

in All

Lemons-Aid believes that all learners should have access to effective instruction, devoted and caring teachers, and quality curricula. Excellent teachers. Excellent content. Excellent methods. Excellent engagement by students. Everything should be of the highest quality. Christian schools and organizations should NEVER compromise on excellence. After all, we are children of the King of kings!

with Families

Parent–You are the boss! It is your great responsibility and certainly, your right to educate your children. If you choose to collaborate with us in your endeavor to educate your children, we consider it a great honor and also responsibility to you and your family. We for Him and for you! Go team!

A Connected

Through our faith in Christ, we are already a connected body. On the Lemons-Aid Learning platform, The Grove, we are intentional about creating a communal environment, anchored in Christ, friendly, respectful, and kind, spurring one another on in living fully for God. Our learners spend time getting to know like-minded peers in a safe environment.

Our Story
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Our Mission & Vision

Lemons-Aid Learning has a mission to equip the minds and shepherd the hearts of learners to live a life fully devoted to Christ, able to understand the world from a biblical perspective. They have the vision to teach & disciple people around the globe by providing a world-class Christian education, which is achieved through:

-serving Christ,
-supporting families,
-teaching with a biblical worldview,
-using effective and proven teaching methods,
-teaching excellent content, the beautiful,
-learner engagement, and
-high expectations for all.

As a result, those in the Lemons-Aid community glorify God as they become more like Jesus, sanctified by truth, growing in wisdom, and eager to do what is good.

The Birth of Lemons-Aid Learning

Lemons-Aid Learning began at the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic when schools around the world first closed their doors to in-person learning. Many learners lost access to all education as schools across the world closed their doors. Immediately, Mrs. Lemons, who had just received her principal’s license and planned to seek employment as an administrator, put everything on hold to offer free live, online courses to students who needed to learn. Students from multiple states and every U.S. time zone joined together for writing classes, which soon became Lemons-Aid Learning, taking Mrs. Lemons in a new direction.

An Unexpected Homeschool Mom...

A Christian education was always important to Bob & Karen Lemons. When they realized that even their local Christian school had experienced severe "mission drift," where instruction not only strayed from but was in contrast to the Word of God, they pulled their three children and decided to homeschool them, although this was never something they saw themselves doing. Mrs. Lemons had gone from public school teacher to stay-at-home mom to private school teacher to homeschool teacher. She knows the challenges of teaching her own kids at home. They're hard! The Lemons family now sees the light at the end of the homechooling tunnel. They have launched two sons, one who finished his bachelor's degree in two years and will head to medical school and the other who will attend Liberty University, where he will also play hockey. Their baby is still at home, finishing his high school work. He gets all the attention now.

Karen Lemons


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