Lemons-Aid Learning & VELA

Lemons-Aid Learning

Innovation & opportunity for Learners

Lemons-Aid Learning is building an unconventional learning environment both in its robust features and in its emphasis on Christian learning and community. When families choose to educate their children outside their public school, they have a place in Lemons-Aid to get support, whether that be in finding a local learning pod, taking a course, or taking a parenting class. We are builders and dreamers, all for the glory of God and benefit of learners who deserve a Christian education. 

Unconventional Learning Environment

"Entrepreneurs operating unconventional learning environments for out-of-system learners not enrolled in public, charter, or traditional private schools" (VELA).

Ecosystem Builders

"Entrepreneurs who offer content, infrastructure supports, resource platforms, and other programming utilized in unconventional, out-of-system learning environments" (VELA).

Community Catalysts

"Entrepreneurs that provide resources, support, and guidance to families participating in out-of-system learning, or contribute to knowledge sharing and collaboration among entrepreneurs in the out-of-system space" (VELA).

What makes Lemons-Aid Learning a good fit for VELA Education Funding?

“VELA prioritizes programs outside the bounds of schooling that:

  • Foster “permissionless innovation” in education: VELA supports passionate entrepreneurs who are launching and expanding out-of-system learning opportunities that are responsive to the learners and families they serve, without requiring the blessing of public officials, funders, or those in power.
  • Empower families to own and drive their learning experiences: VELA invests in programs that enable learners and families to customize a learning experience that is just right for them. This includes primary learning environments that give families ownership of their experience; modular out-of-system learning experiences that families can assemble and customize; and resources for families new to out-of-system learning.
  • Encourage openness and creativity with respect to how learning happens. VELA invests in models that stretch the canvas on the where, how, when of school, unlocking as much innovation and creativity as possible.
  • Increase access to education entrepreneurship: VELA prioritizes ‘everyday entrepreneurs’ – parents and grandparents and community members and students and educators who share an entrepreneurial spirit, and a desire to meet the needs of the learners and families they serve.”