Make An Eternal Impact.

Disciple the next generation to know God, know themselves, and understand the world, so they can live with purpose while   accomplishing their goals and realizing their dreams. 

You Are A Devoted Disciple Yourself.

You are committed in heart and mind to walk in a manner worthy of your calling as a servant of Christ. You read and study the Bible and can apply it to various scenarios, content areas, studies, and situations. You are on your own journey, being sanctified to be more Christ-like and growing in your knowledge of the Lord.

You Teach Kids First, Content Second.

You see yourself as a teacher of learners first, then your content area. Wanting to see young people redeemed and sanctified, you care about them and have a redemptive view of discipline and classroom management. You have an understanding of childhood development as well as the teaching chops to impact your learners with the goal that they grow in their understanding of spiritual matters, knowledge, and wisdom. 

You Are Creative and an Expert in Your Field.

With the ability to design unique and creative learning experiences for students, you are an expert in your field. You continue to pursue understanding and knowledge. You have a degree and continue to keep up to date on your content area through continued study and engagement with others in your field. 

We are hiring teacher contractors & Employees

Stay in control of your teaching business while partnering with Lemons-Aid. We are selective in our partnerships, and are currently curating creative courses by teachers who can revolutionize online learning. 
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We need teachers for...

  • Secondary Engineering--We are looking for a teacher that will inspire tomorrow's problem solvers in the realm of engineering. Are you familiar with Engineering By Design or ITEEA? Can you get students to build and create a windmill in an online environment. Maybe you have other ideas! If so, we want to chat!  
  • Secondary Math--We need all kinds of math teachers especially those who can teach curriculum commonly used by homeschool families (Saxon, Singapore, etc.). We also want non-traditional math courses like personal finance, investing, etc. If you know what Visual Math is, we need to chat!
  • Secondary History / Social Studies--We need teachers who love history so much, their students become passionate historians. Can you think outside the box to creatively teach your content? Can you run simulations online? Do you know what TCI is? Can you teach students to do historical research? If so, reach out! 
  • Speech Therapy--We need a dynamic teacher who can work with students who need speech therapy. You should be degreed and certified and love to work with children. Further, you have developed or can develop therapy techniques over Zoom.
  • Elementary STEM--Can you create an interactive, hands-on combo class that covers the STEM subject areas? We are looking for someone to create STEM courses for every age group.
  • Electives--Do you think you would be a fantastic fit for Lemons-Aid and must share your ideas? Go for it and apply! We're open to art, music, foreign language, Bible, and other elective teachers.
  • Secondary English--Reading, Writing, Speech, oh, my! This is an employment position and you will teach courses we are running on Outschool and on the Lemon Grove Learning Platform. We will keep you busy! 
  • American Sign Language (ASL)--Teaching through storytelling, learners have a blast acquiring language and learning about Deaf culture. If you are familiar with using TPRS, teaching foreign language through storytelling, we are ready to hire and get you plugged in right away! You must understand the TPRS method.

Frequently asked questions

What is a contractor? An employee? 

A contractor is an individual providing a service. Just because we say an individual is a contractor, it doesn't mean he or she is. The working relationship is how a contractor or employee is classified. Contractors are free from control or direction, determine their own teaching rates, design their own curriculum and courses, and set their own schedules. Further, they maintain the copyright of their materials and intellectual property. They have their own business entity and provide services to others as well as to us. A contractor's pay is determined by their rates, class size, and students that purchase their products (classes). Contractors have a lot of freedom, but they must pay their own employment taxes.

Employees are under the control of their employer, which means the employer pays a determined wage, can conduct trainings, schedule hours when it is good for the business, require adherence to a certain method of teaching, and also pays the employee's employment taxes. Employers must also follow the laws of each employee's state of residence, which means the employer may carry insurance and have to provide paid time off. One benefit for employees is that Lemons-Aid guarantees an hourly salary regardless of student enrollment.

While the laws vary from state to state, we are careful to adhere to the laws of your state. 

Do you require a certain number of hours for contractors? For employees? 

We do not require a minimum number of hours; however, we are interested in contracting with or employing people who can commit to a consistent schedule and work a fair number of hours since the education sector's customers (students) expect and need that. We would rather contract with one individual that can work 20 hours per week than four individuals who can only work five each. That being said, Lemons-Aid is proud to offer employees and contractors alike a great deal of flexibility. And contractors ultimately have complete control over how many hours they work. 

Do I design my own courses or teach your curriculum?

Contractors will design their own courses. On a rare occasion, you may be able to use Lemons-Aid curriculum if you purchase it. We might like your curriculum so much that we buy it from you or pay you royalty fees to use it! Employees teach Lemons-Aid's designed courses and can also create their own if they would like. Lemons-Aid wants their contractors to be wildly successful, so we offer support and help to contractors in designing courses we think will be successful. This is support only and is completely optional. 

Will I teach on Lemons-Aid or Outschool or both?

The majority of our courses are being offered on Outschool right now, which is a great way to test a course and see how it does. Our classes on Outschool must be secular, unfortunately. However, our hearts are passionate for Christian education, so we are working to move all of our courses (50 or so courses!) onto the Lemons-Aid platform. We have a "light offering" of classes for the 2022-2023 school year, but have set a goal to have a robust offering of courses for the 2023-2024 school year. We are growing but are very choosy over what classes we will offer on our platform. That means we wait until the right teachers come along to provide outstanding classes.

Do I have to live in the United States? 

Yes. For now.
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