Make An Eternal Impact.

Disciple the next generation to know God, know themselves, and understand the world so they can live with purpose while   accomplishing their goals and realizing their dreams. 

You Are A Devoted Disciple Yourself.

You are committed in heart and mind to walk in a manner worthy of your calling as a servant of Christ. You read and study the Bible and can apply it to various scenarios, content areas, studies, and situations. You are on your own journey, being sanctified to be more Christ-like and growing in your knowledge of the Lord.

You Teach Kids First, Content Second.

You see yourself as a teacher of learners first, then your content area. Wanting to see young people redeemed and sanctified, you care about them and have a redemptive view of discipline and classroom management. You have an understanding of childhood development as well as the teaching chops to impact your learners with the goal that they grow in their understanding of spiritual matters, knowledge, and wisdom. 

You Are Creative and an Expert in Your Field.

With the ability to design unique and creative learning experiences for students, you are an expert in your field. You continue to pursue understanding and knowledge. You have a degree and continue to keep up to date on your content area through continued study and engagement with others in your field. 

Ready to impact the next generation for Christ? 

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