Dyslexia Won’t Defeat You: How Parents Can Help Their Children Succeed

Being a parent is already a challenging and rewarding journey, but when you add the responsibility of supporting a child with dyslexia, it can feel overwhelming at times. As a parent, you have been entrusted with a divine responsibility to guide and nurture your child. This unique role allows you to make a significant impact on your child’s learning journey.

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From the pink sand beaches to the green rolling hills and spotted islands, from the pastel homes to the stunning blue waters filling the coves, this is Bermuda. Isn't she beautiful?

How Engaged Learners Succeed: The Lemons-Aid Way

"Are any of you in Bermuda? Come back to me. Engage your minds! No cognitive vacations!" These are comments students hear in my classroom as I watch them, making sure their minds are engaged. It's normal for students' minds to wander when they're bored, tired, distracted, worried, or a task is hard. My mind wanders, too. So does yours. Have you ever been reading a book and your eyes fall on all the words...you turn the page...and then you realize, "I have no idea what I just read!" Has it happened to you while driving where you can't remember the last five miles? Whelp! I daydream about the pink sand and rocky shores on my favorite beach in Bermuda. I call this unplugged brain a "cognitive vacation." The brain says, "See ya! I'm headed somewhere a little more interesting."


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