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Lemons-Aid Learning

True or False?

I can teach my dyslexic child to read?

Homeschool Moms:

YOU CAN Teach Them to Read

You have chosen to homeschool your child for a number of reasons. One of the best reasons is because 1-1 instruction from mom is a wildly successful academic model that leads to success. You can do this even if your child has dyslexia or other learning challenges! We will help you.

$99 1st Grade Reading Curriculum
$20/month Coaching & Community

Curriculum, Coaching, Community, & Christ

The Four C's that Moms Need as They Homeschool

Parents can teach their kids to read

Everything You Need:

In 6 weeks, your child will progress one reading level.

... and you can overcome challenges

Feeling frustrated with the lack of reading progress your learner is making?

Should you start with teaching letter names or sounds? Are AI video games enough? Is reading to your child going to help? Should they memorize sight-words?

Are you nervous about teaching, handling multiple children, balancing your life, and especially for your child who learns differently?

Is your child reversing letters or do you feel like something is wrong?

Are you overwhelmed by curriculum options, tutors, and video game or AI teachers?

What Does Success Look Like?

You and your learner will make a great team!

Success is Based On:

The science-based curriculum your child deserves.
Coaching to silence the noise.
The community you need.
Access to a literacy coach.
Lesson & goal tracking to keep you accountable.
Christ-honoring community for friendship and support.

Teach Them to Read with Lemons-Aid Learning

What does the program look like?

📚 You prepare for the lesson by using the Teacher’s Guide and watching a sample lesson. 

🥰 You teach the lesson. 

🤝 You have access to our community. Ask a literacy coach for advice, hear from other moms, and give encouragement yourself. 

☕️ Attend monthly coffee chats with staff and other parents. Ask questions and get trouble-shooting help and advice. 

✨Attend webinars to learn tricks of the trade when it comes to teaching your own children and managing a homeschool. 

🛟 If things are really hard, we are here to help. We have on-demand video lessons, live group classes, and 1-1 tutoring for your child at discounted rates. We have built-in safety nets! 

Teach Them to Read

What If Life Gets Crazy?

We are or were homeschool moms too! We know that a Monday mom is different from a Friday mom. Life happens--kids throw tantrums, a pipe bursts, a kid is sick, and you still have to clean and cook! We have built-in safety nets for you!

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Is This Right For My Child?

Take this quick quiz and we will see where your child places in the curriculum:

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Supporting Families. Equipping Learners. Serving Christ.