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Teach Them to Read

You can do it. We will help. 

Teach Them to Read with Lemons-Aid Learning

"First grade is one of the most important for a child on the road to reading, building on the foundation provided in kindergarten" (Shaywitz, Overcoming Dyslexia 223).

There is no greater teacher for your child than you!

The Benefits of Learning From Mom:


Learners benefit from a teacher (mom) that knows every strength, weakness, quirk, and super power.

You are there on the good days and bad days. You inherently know when it's time to take a break, drop everything and go to the zoo, or buckle down and get it done. You are your child's best teacher.


There is no better academic model than 1-1.

The benefit of a 1-1 academic model is the best for growth and overcoming challenges. Children have the direct teaching needed, and you are able to adapt the lesson perfectly based on how well your child is doing. This is the opposite of an industrial, factory-style of education where all children need to be working on the same page.


What's the point?

The lofty goal of education for a Christian is that your child come to know Jesus as Lord. Study of the creation and all content area is ultimately for His glory and your child's work in the Kingdom. You are shepherding your child's heart AND mind.

What Makes This Program Different From Others?

A Human Program

We are NOT leaving this critical year of learning to read to a robot! We are also not experimenting on your child with AI and gathering data to make the robots better. AI is heartless and doesn't care for your child.

Partnership With Experts

Lemons-Aid' is rooting for you, Mom! And we are here to help you have success. You have our experts at the other end of your keyboard to ask questions and get the support you need.

A Foundation of Faith

Your goals for your child are so much more than just academics and to some day get a job. You want your child to know Jesus and serve Him forever. We support your efforts. You can trust us.

Built on the Science of Reading

We are not trying to "reform" education, which has been going on in the public system for over 100 years. We are using curriculum that is based on how the brain learns to read. Our methods and curriculum is tried and true. We are not trying some new, untested method that will someday land on the trash-heap of educational experiments.


Not only do you have expert educators, literacy specialists, diagnosticians, bible teachers, but you also have other moms from around the country who are blazing this trail with you. With like-minded parents on the same journey, we want you to find comaraderie with others who are knitted together through the Holy Spirit.


Anyone who has homeschooled knows that the Friday homeschool mom is a bit different than the Monday mom. And the Spring homeschool looks different than it did in the fall. We get tired! There is always so much to do. We have built-in accountability measures to help you set goals and stay accountable.

At the beginning of 1st grade, learners are officially "readers" wtih a vocabulary of about 400

(Shaywitz, Overcoming Dyslexia, 224).

Teach Them to Read
Teach Them to Read with Lemons-Aid Learning

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