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Your Child is a
Sight Word Reader!

Your learner is a Sight Word Reader! Wow! You have done some amazingly hard work with your child so far! What exactly does Sight Word Reader mean for your learner? A Sight Word Reader knows how to read words like cat, mom, dad, look, like, and, there, the, and more. They can read a variety of words that can be sounded out and also words that they can’t sound out due to tricky sounds. The next step in learning is practicing strategies for figuring out words with tricky sounds and different phonetic rules like “e” at the end of cake, take, made, or vowel teams like ai in rain, train, and pain. We want you to join us in our Teach Them To Read program! Each week, I will coach you through teaching your learner all of the crazy phonetic rules there are!

Sight Word Readers

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Who Are We & Why Did We Develop This?
In January 2024, our elementary team gathered to develop a service that would meet the needs of families and their learners who have dyslexia. We wanted our program to be affordable and to align with our mission to:

Support Families. As a mom with two dyslexic children, I had the honor and privilege of homeschooling them. I didn't have the skills initially; I had to seek training and learn from mentors. Now it's my turn to mentor and support other young moms along with my team.

Equip Learners. A lot has been said about the science of reading. This really isn't mysterious, and we have known for a long time how kids learn to read, but the school systems seem to have been on a different path the past few decades. We want our learners to learn to read so they can read to learn. We have been training and studying as we developed our new offering.

Serve Christ. Homeschool moms are often isolated and lonely. We wanted to encourage them with a Christ-centered community. In all we do, we want to honor our Lord and Savior.
We are excited to begin our membership program! Give it a try for a week--on us! We hope you like it. We'll see you in the Grove!
Karen Lemons
Parents can teach their kids to read
Moms - You can teach your child to read. We will help you!
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Supporting Families. Equipping Learners. Serving Christ.