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Your Child is a Picture Reader!

Your learner is a Picture Reader! That is absolutely amazing, but what exactly is a picture reader? Great question! I’m glad you asked. Picture readers are learners who recognize that a book tells a story. They know that pictures have details that are important and can look at the picture and tell someone what they see. A picture reader is learning how letters and their sounds build words. They may know how to read a few words like “cat, dog, mom, and dad” easily. Their next step in learning is practicing how to figure out words that they don’t already know – what we know as “sounding out” and other phonetic decoding strategies. Your learner is in a GREAT place and we have some wonderful options for their learning! Join us for our Orton-Gillingham Small Group classes live on Zoom each week as we learn how letters make words and what we can do to decode them! 

Learn to Read: I Can Read Pictures

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