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Your Child is a Paragraph Reader!

Your learner is a Paragraph Reader. That is phenomenal! They have made leaps and bounds in their reading and they are ready for chapter books! They know all about tricky phonetic rules, and long words like “hippopotamus” are a breeze for them! Your learner is ready to soar high into the world of literature analysis and writing! They have moved from learning to read and are now reading to learn about the world around them. We have some wonderful options for your learner this upcoming fall. We offer both live book clubs and live classes that will teach your learner how to analyze stories and write about them!

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Our live classes over the summer will help your learner prepare for the fall program. This will prepare your learner for either kindergarten or 1st grade. Fill this form out for a free live class!

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Learn to Read: I Can Read Paragraphs
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