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Please fill out the following form to be considered for employment or as a teacher contractor on the Lemons-Aid platform. Incomplete submission or those that don't follow instructions will not be considered.

What is a contractor? An employee? 

A contractor is an individual providing a service. Just because we say an individual is a contractor, it doesn't mean he or she is. The working relationship is how a contractor or employee is classified. Contractors are free from control or direction, determine their own teaching rates, design their own curriculum and courses, and set their own schedules. Further, they maintain the copyright of their materials and intellectual property. They have their own business entity and provide services to others as well as to us. A contractor's pay is determined by their rates, class size, and students that purchase their products (classes). Contractors have a lot of freedom, but they must pay their own employment taxes.Employees are under the control of their employer, which means the employer pays a determined wage, can conduct trainings, schedule hours when it is good for the business, require adherence to a certain method of teaching, and also pays the employee's employment taxes. Employers must also follow the laws of each employee's state of residence, which means the employer may carry insurance and have to provide paid time off. One benefit for employees is that Lemons-Aid guarantees an hourly salary regardless of student enrollment.While the laws vary from state to state, we are careful to adhere to the laws of your state. 
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