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100+ Years of award-winning literature

The Newbery Challenge: Back in Time Book Club

The First Year Awarded

The Newbery medal has been awarded for over 100 years!



At 4 books per month, it will take 2 years; at 2 books per month, it will take 4 years to read them all!



Since 1922, 102 novels have won the Newbery medal



Finish two books per month with 20-30 minutes of reading per day.

a Psalm 111:10 book club - The Newbery Challenge: Back in Time

How Does This Work?

Live Class Subscription

$19 per live class

Learner engagement in an online class

Live Class

Pick a teacher and section according to your schedule and availability. You can transfer between sections if you have a conflict from week to week. Some sections meet every week and other sections meet every other week. You get to choose how fast you want your learner to read. 

The Newbery Challenge: Back in Time

Back in Time

We start by reading the 2010 decade winners and then go back in time to see how the literature has changed through the years and decades.

Virtual Passport

Virtual Passport

Learners collect digital stamps for their virtual passport to celebrate their travel through a decade of literature. Once all 100+ books are completed, the virtual book can be printed as photo book as a memento and record of learning. The virtual passport comes in the form of a Canva template that you can complete with a free account.

Asynchronous Bundle

If you want more, all of the items below are included with the asynchronous bundle with the live class subscription. These items include a physical bag of goodies. 

10 Asynchronous courses, community, & surprises: $165 $150 Bundled.


Online course for each book

Asynchronous Online Courses

Each book is accompanied by an additional online asynchronous course where learners go through Bible and academic lessons. This course should be started before the book is read.




When learners finish a book, they have an optional project to complete to demonstrate their learning.



Surprises, celebrations, stamps, and more! Learners are motivated to keep reading!

bonus material

Trinkets & Surprises

Each learner receives custom-curated surprises and treasures. This includes a craft or activity to help build focus and attention stamina. Also found inside is a way to mark the completion of each book. This is mailed to the learner! 



The release dates of the decade crates is set so that cohort groups of students can go through the adventure together. They have a special, moderated online space to discuss their books. 

Academic Add-Ons

Academic Add-Ons

For learners and parents who want a writing component, students receive an optional writing assignment and parents receive a rubric and instructions on how to grade the work. We offer an add-on service if you want a Lemons-Aid teacher to give feedback. 

History is awesome

History Snapshot Course

The eleventh course in the series is one focused on the historical context of the decade. Learners discover major historical events, trends, the top songs, and even the top baby names. History is awesome! 

local book club

Support for Starting a Local Book Club

Gather your friends and neighbors for a local group of learners to come together and talk about the books. We give you a discussion guide and a discount on your subscription.

Stained Pine Crate & Physical Books Bundle

If you want to build a beautiful at-home library, you can bundle the crate and books too. We match Amazon’s prices for the books.

10 Online courses, community, surprises, 10 paperback books,
& the pine crate stained walnut:
$265 $240 Bundled

Build a library

Beautiful pine crates, stained walnut: build your library

With Beautiful Crates & Paperback Books

Purchasing the crate and the paperback books is optional. You can always borrow the books or use Kindle versions!

The Newbery Challenge crate
These high quality crates are made with love in Wisconsin. They are heavy and manufactured from high quality pine and stained a walnut color. Assembled with nails, not cheap staples, these pine crates will make beautiful book shelves, tables, and desk supports.
Stained Crates
Double as furniture
There's something about holding a physical book in your hand. Is it weird to say we like the smell of the pages? The crates will hold all ten paperback books. We match the Amazon prices for the books.
Paperback Books
Fit perfectly inside the crates

Live Classes Begin &
The 2010 Newbery Decade Crate Releases Sept 1st!


Live Class Subscription: $19 per class

You will be able to bundle at checkout.

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