Words, Wonderful Words: Crafting a Rich Vocabulary for Lifelong Learning

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By exposing learners to a wide range of vocabulary words and concepts, we can help expand their understanding of the world and become better readers.


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“There is much evidence – strong correlations, several causal studies, as well as rich theoretical orientations – that shows that vocabulary is tightly related to reading comprehension across the age span…”
(Beck, McKeown, and Kucan)

A strong foundation in vocabulary is essential for a child’s academic success. Early vocabulary development is particularly crucial because it sets the stage for future language and literacy skills. Research has shown that children with a rich vocabulary have higher reading comprehension, stronger writing abilities, and better communication skills.

During the early years, children’s brains are like sponges, soaking up information and learning at an incredible pace. By exposing them to a wide range of vocabulary words and concepts, we can help expand their understanding of the world around them. This not only aids in their cognitive development but also fosters critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities.

Furthermore, a robust vocabulary empowers children to express themselves effectively, enhancing self-confidence and social interactions. It lays the groundwork for future learning and opens doors to a world of opportunities.

At Lemons-Aid, we recognize the importance of early vocabulary development and strive to provide a nurturing environment where your child can flourish. Join our rigorous vocabulary classes to give your child the best start possible on their educational journey.


At Lemons-Aid Learning, we recognize the vital role of teachers in delivering exceptional education. Our Orton-based curriculum empowers educators to become courageous learners themselves. While many teachers lack formal training in English orthography, phonetics, and the science of reading, we’re bridging this gap. Our ongoing training and professional development equip teachers to navigate the intricacies of our curriculum effectively. Meet Mrs. Ali and Mrs. Freeman, teachers offering this course.

Class Format:

3 minutes – Greetings
10 minutes – Vocabulary instruction through fun activities and explicit instruction
2 minutes – Goodbyes

Class Schedule: 
  • Week of Nov 26: winter vocabulary “December, January, winter, cold, frozen, thermometer”
  • Week of Dec 3: winter vocabulary “Boots, jacket, mittens, gloves, scarf”
  • Week of Dec 10: winter vocabulary “Sled, snowboard, fireplace, hot cocoa, icicle”
  • Week of Dec 17: social studies vocabulary “President, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington”Dec 24 – Jan 6: NO CLASS


  • Week of Jan 7: social studies vocabulary “Flag, White House, and dollar”

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The Lemons-Aid Way: Our Approach to Teaching & Learning is Explicit!

Explicit teaching is a method of instruction students desperately need! It is the opposite of a constructivist philosophy whereby students ponder and explore to construct meaning themselves. Well…

Instead of leaving students to magically figure out how to write an essay, we teach explicitly, which is backed by a large body of evidence, and it’s how Mrs. Lemons teaches her undergraduate and graduate teacher-candidates in college to teach! We do it this way because it’s how kids learn.

Explicit instruction is “a structured, systematic, and effective methodology for teaching academic skills. It is called explicit because it is an unambiguous and direct approach to teaching that includes both instructional design and delivery procedures. Explicit instruction is characterized by a series of supports or scaffolds, whereby students are guided through the learning process with clear statements about the purpose and rationale for learning the new skill, clear explanations and demonstrations of the instructional target, and supported practice with feedback until independent mastery has been achieved.”
-Explicit Instruction: Effective and Efficient Teaching by Anita L. Archer and Charles A. Hughes.

Anita Archer trained Mrs. Lemons in workshops, and it changed her teaching. Read a little more about the research behind explicit teaching here and here.

Get to know Mrs. Lemons a little more.

We have adopted The Master’s Seminary Doctrinal Statement.

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