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Ignite Your Child’s Reading Adventure with Lemons-Aid Learning!

Our intentional, science-based K-3 literacy courses implement the Orton-based curriculum, Literacy Essentials: The Journey From Spelling to Reading®. This program is excellent for all learners! Neurodivergent learners, especially those with dyslexia, will benefit from this science-based program.

What do we know about learning to read?

Over 60% of young readers are not at grade level by fourth grade. This is a staggering number of children who are left without vital skills for future success in school and beyond. If they can’t read on grade level by fourth grade, their learning gap widens yearly. Kids, frustrated by learning to read, develop negative attitudes toward reading, books, and learning itself and advance through the school years with much frustration and disappointment. But, they don’t need to feel that way! They just need to be taught in a way that uses methods grounded in research and science. They can learn to read! The science of reading unveils the precise methods learners’ brains use to decode and comprehend written language. Understanding these mechanisms enables us to teach reading effectively, equipping individuals with essential skills for communication, learning, and navigating the world. By embracing the science of reading, we empower learners to unlock a lifetime of knowledge and opportunities.


Discover the power of effective literacy instruction for your child with our comprehensive K-3 program:

Building a Strong Foundation:

Give your child the gift of literacy from the very beginning. Our program begins in kindergarten, focusing on teaching spelling as the gateway to reading. Research shows that spelling proficiency leads to confident reading skills – an advantage that lasts a lifetime.

Secret to Success:

Trendy methods of reading instruction often fall short, leaving gaps in your child’s understanding. Our approach is different. We provide a complete map of English phonetics and orthography, empowering children with over 2,000 words by 3rd grade. This method not only creates skilled readers but also nurtures confident writers.

Precise and Intentional:

The journey starts with teaching specific spelling patterns and new words, evolving into sentence writing and grammar exploration. This step-by-step approach ensures that your child reads, comprehends, and communicates effectively.

Mind-Building, Science-Based Lessons:

Our multisensory lessons engage various areas of your child’s brain simultaneously. Through direct instruction, interactive analysis, and graphic organization, we help wire their minds for optimal learning. They “see it, hear it, say it, and write it,” creating a solid foundation for lifelong cognitive development.

Empowering Independence:

Watch your child flourish, mastering the English code. Our unique program creates cognitive categories for analysis, allowing your child to confidently tackle new vocabulary independently. The learner’s My Orthography Notebook becomes their trusty guide, helping them navigate the complexities of language.

Inspiring Lifelong Learners:

Literacy is more than just reading; it’s the key to understanding and expressing ideas. Our program molds engaged readers and writers eagerly sharing their newfound knowledge and creativity.

Tailored for Homeschool Success:

Lemons-Aid Learning’s course, based on the Literacy Essentials curriculum, is tailor-made for homeschool families, ensuring a seamless and effective learning experience within the comfort of your home and under the guidance of Mom and Dad. Join our community of dedicated parents and watch your child excel in reading and writing.

A beacon of support for neurodivergent children:

Learners with special needs need a tailored and inclusive approach. Through explicit teaching of English phonetics and orthography, our program establishes a concrete foundation, enabling confident language decoding and comprehension. With a multisensory engagement strategy and a structured progression, we empower these learners to navigate language at their own pace while fostering independence. Our supportive community and emphasis on routine create a nurturing environment where neurodivergent children can thrive. Ultimately, our program equips them with essential skills for lifelong learning and effective communication, embracing their unique journey and potential.

Our Teachers:

At Lemons-Aid Learning, we recognize the vital role of teachers in delivering exceptional education. Our Orton-based curriculum empowers educators to become courageous learners themselves. While many teachers lack formal training in English orthography, phonetics, and the science of reading, we’re bridging this gap. Our ongoing training and professional development equip teachers to navigate the intricacies of our curriculum effectively.

Class Format:

This is a multi-week class, so your teacher is committed to teaching your learner for the entire quarter. Be careful of the multi-week classes that offer weekly payments because if enrollment drops, teachers can cancel the class. In a quarter class like this, we promise to continue if we meet the minimum at the start, and we won’t leave your learner high and dry. We chose to offer this class as a multi-week class instead of an ongoing class because we are building on prior learning progressively. To join quarters 2, 3, or 4 without taking the prior quarters, please reach out to your teacher who will develop a plan to get your learner up to speed. We want our students coming in later to have success!


Students have two days per week to practice the skills and exercises introduced in the live classes. Homework includes practice sheets and pre-recorded videos to instruct students during their practice. This homework is required for maximum learning.

Assessments and Conferences:

A good education is consistently monitored by the teacher through assessments and shared with the parents through conferences. Along with our live classes, included in the price of this class, we offer three 1-on-1 assessment sessions for your student. The first assessment is a pre-test to see where the student is starting. The second assessment happens in the middle of the quarter to determine mastery of the skills taught. The third assessment happens at the end of the quarter and determines mastery of the skills taught for the entire quarter that haven’t been mastered previously. Please contact your teacher for their office hours to set up your 1-on-1 assessment and conference.

Our class is divided into three learning sessions per day, three times per week. Each session is separated by a short break to allow our young learners time to absorb what they have learned, stretch or play, and return to class ready to learn again! We have divided our learning into different sets of subskills as found in the Literacy Essentials curriculum:

Readiness Skills (25 minutes) –Readiness skills include phonics, phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, anatomy of books, reading mechanics, etc.

**10-minute break**

Reading Skills (25 minutes) – Reading skills include reading response, retelling, predicting, etc.

**10-minute break**

Writing Skills (25 minutes) – Writing skills include writing posture, pencil grip, finger strength, anatomy of a paper, writing letters, writing a complete sentence, etc.

Monthly Schedule:

Module 1 (week 1-4 cycle through these skills):

Readiness: Consonants and vowels, open and closed syllables, adjectives and articles, dialogue, open vowel rule, silent e, CVC and VC code, counting syllables, and segmenting
Reading: Readers asking questions, structure of text, plot
Writing: Capital letter formation, dash line phonograms (e,z), tall line stroke phonograms (l,t,b,h,k), slant line phonograms (v,w,x), two letter clock stroke phonogram (qu), Basic Code Words, Silent Final E, sentence writing, adjectives and articles,

Module 2 (week 5-9 cycle through these skills):

Readiness: Common and proper nouns, singular and plural nouns, irregular nouns, four kinds of sentences, parts of a sentence, possessive pronouns, regular and irregular plurals, adverbs, double letter spelling, comparative adjectives and adverbs, spelling and reading words with phonograms, reading fluency, segmenting, and reading with phonograms [ei], [ie], [ea], [gn], [wh], [igh], [eigh], [au], [ou]
Reading: Structure of text, Main idea and supporting details, and compare and contrasting
Writing:four kinds of sentences, parts of a sentence, dictated sentences, apostrophe, possessive pronouns, regular and irregular plurals, adverbs, comparative adjectives and adverbs

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The Lemons-Aid Way: Our Approach to Teaching & Learning is Explicit!

Explicit teaching is a method of instruction students desperately need! It is the opposite of a constructivist philosophy whereby students ponder and explore to construct meaning themselves. Well…

Instead of leaving students to magically figure out how to write an essay, we teach explicitly, which is backed by a large body of evidence, and it’s how Mrs. Lemons teaches her undergraduate and graduate teacher-candidates in college to teach! We do it this way because it’s how kids learn.

Explicit instruction is “a structured, systematic, and effective methodology for teaching academic skills. It is called explicit because it is an unambiguous and direct approach to teaching that includes both instructional design and delivery procedures. Explicit instruction is characterized by a series of supports or scaffolds, whereby students are guided through the learning process with clear statements about the purpose and rationale for learning the new skill, clear explanations and demonstrations of the instructional target, and supported practice with feedback until independent mastery has been achieved.”
-Explicit Instruction: Effective and Efficient Teaching by Anita L. Archer and Charles A. Hughes.

Anita Archer trained Mrs. Lemons in workshops, and it changed her teaching. Read a little more about the research behind explicit teaching here and here.

Get to know Mrs. Lemons a little more.

We have adopted The Master’s Seminary Doctrinal Statement.

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