The Warriors Book Club: Get Your Paws on Our Latest Read

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The unique fantasy world of ???????? has captivated young readers for decades. These books are a treasure trove of adventures, fierce cats, fantasy, and more. Readers join like-minded peers in discussion every other week.

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Listen closely, for in the world of Warriors, words are more than ink on a page. They are the battle cries of feral hearts, the whispers of ancient forests, and the courage of valiant warriors. Join our club as we venture into the untamed realms of the Warriors series, where clans clash, legends are born, and the thrill of the wild beckons. Prepare to embark on an epic journey of loyalty, bravery, and honor, where the spirits of the wild run free and your imagination takes flight! And what’s better? We look at all literature from a Christian perspective, which is a beautiful way to study literature together.

Class Experience:

In this book club for Warriors fans, we discuss a new book during each class, so the novel should be read before class. In class, students learn reading strategies, how to analyze, who they are as readers, and how to communicate about literature and life! They will begin to develop their own criteria for evaluating the books they read, and they will begin to understand the type of readers they are. To do this, each student takes a turn talking about the book, and the teacher will probe a bit to get each learner to do a little deeper thinking. Because it’s a discussion class, we encourage students to leave their cameras on, to use the chatbox to expand the discussion, and to think about what they want to say before class begins. This isn’t your average book club!

Feel free to join us for all the books or just the ones you want. Pop in and out of the class as you wish, or transfer to different sections if your schedule changes. Sometimes students don’t quite finish the book, but they are still welcome to attend–they can tell their teacher they would like to pass on the discussion and just want to listen; however, we also ask questions that are applicable to reading in general, and these topics can be discussed whether they read the book or not.


We are reading the books in chronological order.
Week starting Nov 5–Dawn of the Clans: The Sun Trail
Week starting Nov 12–NO CLASS
Week starting Nov 19–NO CLASS
Week starting Nov 26 –Dawn of the Clans: The Sun Trail
Week starting Dec 3–NO CLASS
Week starting Dec 10–Dawn of the Clans: Thunder Rising
Week starting Dec 17–Jan 6 NO CLASS
Week starting Jan 7–Dawn of the Clans: The First Battle
Week starting Jan 14–NO CLASS
Week starting Jan 21–Dawn of the Clans: The Blazing Star
Week starting Jan 28–NO CLASS
Week starting Feb 4–Dawn of the Clans: A Forest Divided
Week starting Feb 11–NO CLASS
Week starting Feb 18–Dawn of the Clans: Path of Stars
Week starting Feb 25–NO CLASS
Week starting Mar 3–Super Edition 8: Moth Flight’s Vision
Week starting Mar 10–NO CLASS
Week starting Mar 17–Novella 12: Thunderstar’s Echo
Week starting Mar 24–NO CLASS
Week starting Mar 31–Novella 15: Shadowstar’s Life
Week starting Apr 7–NO CLASS
Week starting Apr 14–Novella 3: Cloudstar’s Journey
Week starting Apr 21–NO CLASS
Week starting Apr 28–Novella 7: Mapleshade’s Vengeance
Week starting May 5–NO CLASS
Week starting May 12–Novella 11: Pinestar’s Choice
Week starting May 19–NO CLASS
Week starting May 26–Novella 8: Goosefeather’s Curse
**more books coming soon!

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