The Notables: A High School Book Club for Reading the Classics

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Join us for a novel study of a classic or notable novel! High school students will read classic novels, seeking to answer an essential question and participating in a discussion.

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An essential part of high school English is the study of classic and other notable novels. These works of literature may be notable for the longevity of their influence, exceptional quality, contribution to culture, or typical of an era, people, or movement. In this ongoing class, we will work our way through notable novels, and I will give learners essential questions to answer as they read. We will then come together for discussion ONCE PER MONTH. The idea is to read broadly, deeply, and regularly while thinking about deeper life questions that literature brings to bear. The live meetings provide accountability for students to read as well as the opportunity to intelligently discuss literature and how what they read has modern-day applications in understanding themselves or the world in which they live. Students are not expected to “learn a lesson” from each novel; rather, I want them to think about the issues presented by the author and determine whether or not they agree or disagree with the author’s worldview. Students will analyze literary devices, figurative language, story elements, characterization, theme, the author’s craft, etc., and attempt to answer the essential questions. I give learners an optional assignment, which is to answer one of the essential questions in an academic paragraph upon completion of the novel, and I will provide feedback. If learners would like to write a full essay at the completion of each novel, they can also enroll in the class “Essay Writing 911: Ongoing Essay Writing Practice With Feedback and Support.”

Students will do all of the reading outside of class, and they will complete their book in one month.

Upon request, I can provide you with an English / Literature grade based upon participation in the discussion and a written response to the literature in a paragraph answering the essential question. If you need a grade for more formal essay writing, I can provide that if students add on “Essay Writing 911.” Just reach out with your request.

ONGOING SCHEDULE: When we meet, students should have already finished reading the novel.

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