The Magic Tree House Book Club for Friendship & Discussion

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Young readers need a book club too! Kids get to share their love of books with friends, discussing their favorite characters, their adventures, and their problems. Learners build discussion skills and great reading habits.

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  • STARTS: Jan 12, 2023
  • COURSE LENGTH: Every Week
  • LIVE CLASSES: Thursdays 03:00 PM - 03:30 PM
  • TEACHER: Ali Marie
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A social book club is a perfect way to increase:
  • a love of reading
  • closer reading
  • discussion skills
  • reading level
  • creativity
  • empathy
  • concentration
  • academic skills
  • vocabulary
  • Even better, they gain a better understanding of themselves, others, and the world around them, all from a biblical worldview.
  • A book club brings the best of a social group together with the academics of a book club. It can get reluctant readers moving through books and avid readers looking more closely at the literature.

We discuss a new novel during each class, so the novel should be read before class. Feel free to join us for all the books, or just the ones you want. Pop in and out of the class as you wish. This class is ongoing!


The instructor brings in various biblical precepts throughout the discussion of the novels. Students will learn reading strategies, how to analyze, who they are as readers, and how to communicate about literature and life! They will begin to develop their own criteria for evaluating the books they read, and they will begin to understand the type of readers they are. To do this, each student takes a turn in talking about the book and the teacher will probe a bit to get each learner to do a little deeper thinking. Because it’s a discussion class, we encourage students to leave their cameras on, to use the chatbox to expand the discussion, and to think about what they want to say before class begins. Feel free to join us for all the books, or just the ones you want. Pop in and out of the class as you wish, or transfer to different sections if your schedule changes. Sometimes students don’t quite finish the book, but they are still welcome to attend–they can tell me they would like to pass on the discussion and just want to listen; however, we also ask questions that are applicable to reading in general, and these topics can be discussed whether they read the book or not. Students will earn a badge for each book they complete.

Examples of in-class activities are below. Students will:

1. discuss literature with the instructor and other students in a large group and the related biblical principles.
2. discuss how American literature has changed over the past 100 years.
3. reflect on how literature reveals elements of humanity or the world in which we live.
4. speak aloud and use the chatbox to participate in the conversation.
5. articulate an evaluation of the novel and why they think the way they do.
6. learn how to analyze a literary character.
7. learn how to analyze a piece of literature for the theme.
8. learn how to analyze conflict to reveal character and theme.
9. learn elements of the story.
10. learn point of view.
11. learn how to analyze literature in light of the culture in which it is written.


The week starting January 1: Dinosaurs Before Dark
The week starting January 8: The Knights at Dawn
The week starting January 15: Mummies in the Morning
The week starting January 29: Pirates Past Noon
The week starting Feb 5: Night of the Ninjas
The week starting Feb 12: Afternoon on the Amazon
The week starting Feb 19: Sunset of the Sabertooth
The week starting Feb 26: Midnight on the Moon
The week starting Mar 5: Dolphins at Daybreak
The week starting Mar 12: Ghost Town at Sundown
The week starting Mar 19: Lions at Lunchtime
The week starting Mar 26: Polar Bears Past Bedtime
The week starting Apr 2: Vacation Under the Volcano
The week starting Apr 9: Day of the Dragon King
The week starting Apr 16: Viking Ship at Sunrise
The week starting Apr 23: Hour of the Olympics
The week starting Apr 30: Tonight on the Titanic
The week starting May 7: Tigers at Twilight
The week starting May 14: Dingoes a Dinnertime
The week starting May 21: Civil War on Sunday
The week starting May 28: Revolutionary War on Wednesday
The week starting Jun 4: Twister on Tuesday

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