Essentials of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

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STEM is amazing! Young learners master math standards while exploring other STEM disciplines, Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math!

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  • STARTS: Jan 19, 2023
  • COURSE LENGTH: Every Week
  • LIVE CLASSES: Thursdays 12:30 PM - 12:55 PM
  • TEACHER: Ali Marie
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Along with intentional, focused teaching and learning, young students need time to learn through play, family time, discussion at home, and special reading time with a parent. They also need less screen time and should not have to sit still for very long. Keeping these and other needs in mind, this course is intended to be the weekly boost learners need to gain essential skills. In our short time together, we will be focused and intentional, maximizing our precious time so students can experience essential STEM learning. STEM is short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, which includes: numerical value, counting sequence, addition and subtraction, place value, measurement, shapes, energy sources, sound and light, structure and function, observation skills, patterns, solar system, scientific method, and engineering design. What’s even better is that this is an ongoing class, which means students can come and go as your schedule demands.

Inside the classroom you can find us learning through singing, movement, exploration, and science experiments. We approach all topics with a “I do, we do, you do” mindset. We start any new concepts by the teacher modeling what the student will be learning” “I do.” Then the students engage in an activity where they get to practice the new concept under the watchful guidance of the teacher” “We do.” Finally, students show their mastery in a final activity with minimal interruption from the teacher: “You do.” Due to the nature of STEM, there will also be “open-ended” scientific experiments where children are challenged to use their deeper cognitive skills with less guidance from the teacher; this encourages problem-solving and higher order thinking that is a vital part of development. While the teacher will be present and available during these “open-ended” scientific experiments, instead of modeling an answer that could be provided, guidance in the form of discussion and questions will be given to the student to scaffold their ability to solve the problems presented.

There are a lot of class options on Outschool. What makes this one different? First, the teachers are incredible! They are skilled, and experienced, have their degrees and teaching credentials, love kids, and know how to get them learning. Also, since this class is a part of an organization, we have developed and are developing a scope and sequence from pre-school all the way through twelfth grade. We know what kids need to learn to be successful as they advance in age and skill. We want to earn your trust, build relationships with families and learners, and keep your learners for years! ???

Class format 1st and 2nd week of the month:
  • 2 minutes – Greetings/Attendance
  • 4 minutes – Numerical Sense Practice
  • 10 minutes – Math Concept/Skill is modeled and practiced
  • 5 minutes – Individual practice and application of math concepts and skill
  • 2 minutes – Share and Discuss the application of new skills
  • 2 minutes – Homework and Goodbyes


Class format 3rd week of the month:
  • 2 minutes – Greetings/Attendance
  • 4 minutes – Numerical Sense Practice
  • 15 minutes – Science Experiment
  • 2 minutes – Share and Discuss
  • 2 minutes – Homework and Goodbyes
Class Learning Focus/Themes:

Theme: Water
Science: Ocean, Lakes, and Rivers
Technology/Engineering: Reading maps of Ocean, Lakes, and Rivers
Math: Numerical Review Numbers 1-20 and Numerical Sense

Theme: Ocean
Science: Floating and Density
Technology/Engineering: !Student Activity! Create a Boat that can float in water
Math: Numerical Review Numbers 1-20 and Numerical Sense

Theme: Farms
Science: Baby Animals
Technology/Engineering: Researching, Safe web practices
Math: Adding two numbers with sums 0-10

Theme: Farms
Science: Animal Traits
Technology/Engineering: Using technology to create our own animal
Math: Adding two numbers with sums 0-10

Resources and Homework:
Optional homework will be given in each class as another way we try to support families and equip learners. This homework is made to only take 5-10 minutes at most. Resources will be made available each week at the beginning of the week for families to use. These packets are helpful in helping students dive deeper into understanding the concepts that are being taught in class. While they are optional, students who use them tend to have a stronger foundation of the literacy skills being presented.

Classroom Management:
Students get to engage, laugh, and have fun. We protect the learning environment so that it is organized and optimized for learning! Students will remain muted during class time to make the most of our time together, to avoid distractions, and to make sure one person is speaking at a time. Students will interact and engage by raising their hands and waiting for the teacher to call on them.

Supplies Needed:

During math practice, students will need a writing tool and something to write on: paper and pencil, or whiteboard and marker.

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