Spanish Immersion Level 1: Amigos Exploran Español

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Join our Pequeños Exploradores en Español for a thrilling Spanish immersion adventure! Kids will embark on a fun-filled journey to learn and explore the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. ¡Vamos a divertirnos!


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¡Aprende español jugando! Welcome to Spanish class!

This exciting class is designed especially for young learners aged 7-10. In this upbeat, fun course, children will embark on a language-learning adventure through interactive games, songs, and creative activities. Our experienced instructors make sure every child feels comfortable and enthusiastic about exploring the beauty of the Spanish language. Whether it’s discovering new words, practicing simple songs, or embracing the vibrant culture, this class guarantees a delightful and enriching experience for your little ones. ¡Vamos a aprender y divertirnos juntos! (Let’s learn and have fun together!)

Our activities are age-appropriate, interactive, and enjoyable so that the learners associate learning Spanish with fun and excitement. By incorporating games, songs, interactive exercises, and storytelling, the class both educational and entertaining for our young learners.

A Snapshot of Class:
  • Welcome and Warm-up (7 minutes):
    • Greetings with a friendly “¡Hola!”
    • Students get a Spanish name!
    • Short warm-up activity like a simple song or a fun game to energize the class.
  • Introduction to New Vocabulary (6 minutes):
    • Introduction of a set of new Spanish words related to a specific theme, like colors, animals, or everyday objects.
    • Visuals and props are used to make the learning process interactive and enjoyable.
  • Interactive Learning Activity (10 minutes):
    • Game-based activity where children can practice using the new vocabulary they just learned.
    • Interactive story through intentional TPRS storytelling
  • Goodbye Song and Closure (2 minutes):
    • Catchy goodbye song in Spanish to leave a positive lasting impression.
Our Philosophy of Language Learning:

We nurture young minds through a dynamic and immersive approach to language acquisition. We follow the principles of TPRS (Total Physical Response through Storytelling), a highly effective method developed by Blaine Ray. TPRS combines movement, storytelling, and interaction to create a captivating and natural language learning experience. We understand that young learners thrive when engaged in meaningful, real-life contexts. Therefore, our philosophy centers on providing a rich linguistic environment where children actively participate in storytelling, role-playing, and interactive games, enabling them to absorb language effortlessly. We foster a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere where children build confidence, fluency, and cultural awareness while having a blast on their journey to discover the beautiful Spanish language. Our goal is to instill a lifelong love for learning languages, empowering these young learners with valuable skills that will benefit them for years to come.

Course Syllabus:
  • Week 1: Camping Capers
    Learn camping-related words and phrases in Spanish.
    Interactive activities: Set up a pretend campsite and role-play camping scenarios.
    Storytelling: Adventure story about a camping trip.
  • Week 2: Fun at the Beach
    Introduce beach vocabulary and phrases.
    Interactive games: Beach ball toss with Spanish words.
    Storytelling: Create a story set at a sunny beach.
  • Week 3: Exploring the Jungle
    Discover jungle animals and nature-related words in Spanish.
    Role-playing: Pretend to be explorers in the jungle, identifying animals in Spanish.
    Storytelling: Jungle expedition tale.
  • Week 4: Underwater Adventures
    Dive into the world of marine life and ocean-themed vocabulary.
    Interactive activities: Fishing for words game.
    Storytelling: Underwater adventure story.
  • Week 5: Space Explorations
    Learn space-related words and phrases in Spanish.
    Interactive games: Blast off with Spanish words.
    Storytelling: Imaginary space journey.
  • Week 6: Enchanted Forest Tales
    Encounter magical creatures and forest-themed words in Spanish.
    Role-playing: Act out a fantasy adventure in the enchanted forest.
    Storytelling: An enchanting tale of forest magic.
  • Week 7: Culinary Adventures
    Explore Spanish words for different foods and cooking activities.
    Interactive activities: Cooking role-play in Spanish.
    Storytelling: A culinary journey to a foreign land.

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Our mission is to equip the minds and shepherd the hearts of learners. We want them to have saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and then to develop a biblical worldview. This means they view their world, themselves, and God in a way that aligns with what the Bible teaches. This brings great peace and understanding to the believer because we serve a good God who is sovereign.


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