Reading for Understanding KIDS: A 6-Step Approach


In this class, students learn a host of reading strategies as well as a strategic approach to reading and paraphrasing a text. These strategies help with reading and writing and are great for learning and remembering that new learning!

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This is one of Lemons-Aid’s first and most popular classes. Now we have a version for younger learners!

Paraphrasing a text in your own words is difficult if you don’t understand it! This class will teach a strategic way to approach a text, whether the subject matter is science, history, or another topic so that you can understand what you are reading. After you understand it, you can then paraphrase the content into your own words, demonstrating your understanding and thinking.

In this class, we will use a social studies passage and students will learn how to:
1. approach a text with the right attitude,
2. examine the text structure,
3. engage their own background knowledge,
4. read while thinking,
5. take notes without plagiarizing, and
6. paraphrase the information in their own words.

We take an “I do, we do, you do” approach to teaching. This means I explicitly teach a concept or skill, which includes teacher modeling. Then I guide students through the process, correcting misconceptions and supporting them as they master the concepts and skills. Last, students have time to practice the skill on their own with teacher feedback to reinforce, enrich, or correct their learning. In this class, students will interact with the instructor and each other.

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