Read Between the Lines: Make Inferences in Text, Comics, & Film


In this one-time class, students learn to make inferences, a reading skill absolutely necessary for academic success. Students will use a two-step process to infer meaning from a comic strip, a video clip, and a short piece of text.

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Check your learner’s test scores! You will see information on your student’s ability to make inferences when they read. This is an important reading skill that can be taught. Students can become skilled thinkers and readers in regard to making inferences.

In this class, students will learn a two-step process to interpret the meaning in a comic strip, video clip, and text. They will look for clues in the pieces and use their background knowledge to make an inference, answering questions that require them to think. They will defend their thinking by talking about how they know what they know.

Learners will use the chatbox to write, and this is the way we engage with quieter students, helping those who need it and enriching others. Class is fun, challenging, and engaging.

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