I Am Shook! Teens Can Feel Better by Managing Emotions


Teenage emotions can run high! And those feelings don’t always make sense. From a biblical perspective, teens learn to understand and regulate their emotions by changing their thinking and choosing positive actions, which helps them feel better!

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Are you heartbroken from a devastating breakup? So mad at your parents you can hardly breathe? Down in the dumps, but don’t know why? How do you handle all the feelings that come at you rapid-fire when you are a teenager? It’s tough, but there is a way!

Emotions are important, but we can’t let them take over our lives. Feelings are like warning flags that tell us we need to deal with something. Sometimes we need to work through grief or loss. Sometimes we need to manage our anger. Sometimes we need to hold back tears. Sometimes your feelings don’t match with reality! And here’s the truth–our feelings lie to us because our hearts are deceitful. It is possible to understand feelings and to learn how to deal with them. It takes understanding, knowing God, and trusting Him.

In this class, students will learn:
1. the importance and purpose of feelings,
2. why teenage emotions are weird,
3. what do feelings mean,
4. and then how to regulate or change their feelings!

Through visuals, instruction, role-play, and practice, students will begin to live with and control their own feelings.

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The Lemons-Aid Way: Our Approach to Teaching and Learning is Explicit!

Explicit teaching is a method of instruction students desperately need! It is the opposite of a constructivist philosophy whereby students try to construct meaning themselves.


Instead of leaving students to magically figure out how to write an essay or read or do a geometry proof, we teach explicitly, which is backed by a large body of evidence, and it’s how Mrs. Lemons teaches her undergraduate and graduate teacher candidates in college to teach! We do it this way because it’s how kids learn.

Explicit instruction is “a structured, systematic, and effective methodology for teaching academic skills. It is called explicit because it is an unambiguous and direct approach to teaching that includes both instructional design and delivery procedures. Explicit instruction is characterized by a series of supports or scaffolds, whereby students are guided through the learning process with clear statements about the purpose and rationale for learning the new skill, clear explanations and demonstrations of the instructional target, and supported practice with feedback until independent mastery has been achieved.”
-Explicit Instruction: Effective and Efficient Teaching by Anita L. Archer and Charles A. Hughes.

Anita Archer trained Mrs. Lemons in workshops, and it changed her teaching. Read a little more about the research behind explicit teaching here and here.

To read more about your teaching and learning methods, read Mrs. Lemons’ blog.

We have adopted The Master’s Seminary Doctrinal Statement.

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