Guiding Hands: Super Sentence Builders

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Carefully crafted to cover the essential components of handwriting, this comprehensive literacy course encourages creativity and self-expression.

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Our “Super Sentence-Builders” program utilizes the Orton-Based Methodology to teach children the fundamentals of sentence construction and turn them into confident writers. From word formation to complex sentences, this program will give your child the tools they need to excel in writing.

What to Expect

Exploring effective sentence structures is essential for children to become proficient writers. It not only adds variety and depth to their writing but also helps them communicate their ideas clearly and effectively. During our class, we dive into the world of sentence structures and unlock the potential of your child’s writing! Our classes emphasize systematic and explicit instruction.

Orton-Based Methodology Writing Instruction

Orton-Based Methodology is a highly effective approach to teaching writing that can make a significant difference in your child’s abilities. Developed by Dr. Samuel T. Orton, this approach is designed specifically for children with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences.

So, what sets Orton-Based Methodology apart? It focuses on multisensory techniques that engage all the senses, including auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. This means your child will not only hear and see the information but also physically experience it through activities such as tracing letters in sand or using manipulatives to form words. This multisensory approach helps reinforce learning and enhances retention.

In addition to its multisensory approach, Orton-Based Methodology also emphasizes systematic and explicit instruction. This means breaking down writing skills into small, manageable steps and providing clear, direct instruction for each step. By following a structured framework, children can build their writing skills gradually and develop a strong foundation for successful writing.

Class format: 
  • 3 minutes – Greetings
  • 10 minutes – Modeling, guided practice and individual practice of writing skill through activities and fun! 
  • 2 minutes – Goodbyes


Resources and Homework: 

Materials will be given in each class as another way we try to support families and equip learners. Resources will be made available for families to use. 

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Our mission is to equip the minds and shepherd the hearts of learners. We want them to have saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and then to develop a biblical worldview. This means they view their world, themselves, and God in a way that aligns with what the Bible teaches. This brings great peace and understanding to the believer because we serve a good God who is sovereign.


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The Lemons-Aid Way: Our Approach to Teaching and Learning is Explicit!

Explicit teaching is a method of instruction students desperately need! It is the opposite of a constructivist philosophy whereby students try to construct meaning themselves.


Instead of leaving students to magically figure out how to write an essay or read or do a geometry proof, we teach explicitly, which is backed by a large body of evidence, and it’s how Mrs. Lemons teaches her undergraduate and graduate teacher candidates in college to teach! We do it this way because it’s how kids learn.

Explicit instruction is “a structured, systematic, and effective methodology for teaching academic skills. It is called explicit because it is an unambiguous and direct approach to teaching that includes both instructional design and delivery procedures. Explicit instruction is characterized by a series of supports or scaffolds, whereby students are guided through the learning process with clear statements about the purpose and rationale for learning the new skill, clear explanations and demonstrations of the instructional target, and supported practice with feedback until independent mastery has been achieved.”
-Explicit Instruction: Effective and Efficient Teaching by Anita L. Archer and Charles A. Hughes.

Anita Archer trained Mrs. Lemons in workshops, and it changed her teaching. Read a little more about the research behind explicit teaching here and here.

To read more about your teaching and learning methods, read Mrs. Lemons’ blog.

We have adopted The Master’s Seminary Doctrinal Statement.

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