The Gift Card for Learning & Discipleship


Give a gift that supports learning in a Christian environment. Gift cards can be used for live or self-paced Christian classes by teachers you can trust.



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Give a gift that supports learning in a Christian environment. Your friends and family can use gift cards for live courses, self-paced courses, or online curricula, authored and taught by Christian teachers you can trust. Students love our courses. We offer a variety of courses that will fit into the lifestyle and homeschool preferences of many different families. What ties it all together? Everything is from a Christian perspective!

Course Types:
  • Live Courses: Your loved one can use your gift card for one-time, multi-day, or subscription courses that meet live. It’s a great investment in learning and community as a cohort of students meets together online.
  • Self-Paced Courses: These courses do not meet together live, but students work through coursework in the Lemon Grove Classroom and interact with and get feedback from a teacher.
  • Online Curriculum: These courses do not meet live and are intended to be used as an online interactive curriculum with a student moving at his or her own pace or with a parent. These courses include video teaching, interactive games or activities, quizzes, and more.
The Grove Social:

All students have access to the Lemon Grove Social platform to get to know other like-minded people from around the world. Social learning increases engagement and mastery of knowledge and skills!

About Lemons-Aid:

Take a look at the doctrinal statement we have adopted from The Master’s Seminary. All courses are taught from those understandings.

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