Do Your Thing: Organize Your Life – A Weekly Check-In

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This is an on-going, weekly check-in for upper elementary students to learn how to independently manage school work, sports, family responsibilities, and extracurricular activities.

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As students approach and then take on middle school, we want them to be more independent and successful in managing their lives: how they plan and spend their time, keep track of homework, organize long-term school projects, complete chores and other family responsibilities, and participate in sports and extra-curricular activities without losing their minds. It’s a lot to manage!

This class, which is a weekly check-in, will be the accountability and support students need as they manage their busy schedules. Students receive support in planning their time while learning how to eventually do all of this independently. In each class, students will do the following:
1. Make a to-do and/or homework list for the day, making sure there are no missing assignments. We talk about different ways to make lists: on paper, a whiteboard, a digital “to-do” app, etc. We will talk about their grades, having a conference with Mom or Dad about how they’re doing in school, etc.
2. Look ahead at their calendars for the upcoming week and plan accordingly. They learn to ask themselves, “Where am I going and what do I need?”
3. Set an academic goal. They learn to write SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound).
4. Clean something. They will be asked to pick up 10 things in their rooms, or hang up all their clothes, or organize dirty laundry, their bathroom, or desk. This happens during class! Sometimes we organize binders, backpacks, and their desks. It’s funny when someone finds a rotten banana in a backpack! In these moments, we are glad we can’t smell anything!
5. They will plan a way to serve their families. We even talk about making a meal each week, planning for it, and shopping. Maybe they will plan a time to walk the dog or do other chores.
6. They learn to think about the most important areas of our lives and how to live intentionally (spending time with loved ones over video games, or taking the time to do some extra sports practice, etc.)
7. They think about something they need to do that’s hard. They learn how to make themselves do hard things (habit-bundling, getting an accountability partner, writing goals down, telling others about their goals, etc.)

Whatever we spend that particular day on, the concepts of organization, planning, thinking ahead, working to have success, and contributing to the family are repeated and they learn to take ownership of the way they spend their time, their calendars, and to-do lists.

As an ongoing class, students will also get to know each other and will encourage one another to follow through on the plan they create. We will celebrate each other’s successes and encourage and support each other when mistakes and even failures happen.

Skills to be learned and mastered:
1. How to maintain a calendar (paper or digital)
2. How to subscribe to digital calendars
3. How to listen to each of their teachers and record due dates in their calendars
4. How to plan homework and study time around sports and extra-curricular activities
5. How to contribute to their family by doing chores and helping their parents without being asked
6. How to use resources (teachers, counselors, websites, etc) to solve their own problems
7. How to muster the courage to talk to a teacher when problems arise
8. How to set short-term and long-term goals in many different areas of their lives
9. To understand that success in school and life is possible for every single person, regardless of life’s circumstances.

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