College Application Essays: a Writing Workshop


In this 4-day intensive writing workshop with a small class size, students will write a college essay, telling a story that highlights them, their unique character, and how they are a perfect match for their university of choice.

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If writing the college application or scholarship essay is weighing on you, and you don’t know how to get started, this class is for you. Students get time to work as their instructor guides them along the process. Price also includes continued editing and feedback from the instructor beyond the conclusion of class until the essay is polished and ready to send! The one-on-one guidance is what separates this class from others, and students get personalized support. Students get to talk through their ideas, and our questioning technique helps them generate ideas.

Students, you will learn how to research your audience and how to prepare, draft, revise, and edit an essay to get the results you want. Class time involves direct instruction with a dash of inspiration, and students will have individual workshop time with feedback from the instructor. Explicit instruction includes the following:

Day 1: Learn what colleges and universities are looking for in college essays. Students will analyze their writing prompt and begin brainstorming their essay’s topic, their audience’s expectations, and how their own strengths fit. Students learn how to think about their own strengths and how to illustrate those character traits into a story that is narrow, appropriate, and engaging. Students will learn how to brainstorm ideas for a college essay.
Day 2: Students learn four different methods for organizing the college essay. The instructor inspires them to think deeply about who they are and what they want to say.
Day 3: Students learn how to write the conclusion and how to blend story elements, including a motif into their essay. Students may work one-on-one with the instructor in breakout rooms on this day. This workshop time is what gets students writing and thinking!
Day 4: Students revise their essays for sentence fluency, then they learn how the editing process helps improve writing. Students learn how to edit for conventions, voice, and how to use Grammarly and other AI grammar programs. They may work one-on-one with the instructor on this day as well as spend time writing in a workshop format.

Students will share their essays with their instructor, who will continue to help edit beyond the conclusion of this class until they have one polished essay, ready to send! This may extend for weeks. For further one-on-one support by video chat, please request a time in the class “College Application Essays–Personal Tutoring.”

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