Biblical Solutions for Anxiety & Worry


Anxiety, worry, and fear can feel overwhelming. This course offers biblical solutions for anxiety and worry, so you can trust God and His goodness for you and your life.



Anxiety & Worry:

It is more challenging than ever to be a teenager and a young adult right now. The uncertainty of grades, college, the future, social media, peer pressure, and fear in our world are driving crippling anxiety. As a parent, you may be concerned about the level of anxiety your teen is experiencing. Perhaps you are also struggling with worry, fear, and anxiety in your own day-to-day life.

The Good News: 

Thankfully, God has given us biblical solutions for anxiety and worry. We desire to come alongside you, support you, and help you or your student overcome anxiety with biblical solutions. God created us to live for His glory. The truth of God’s word empowers us.

Biblical Solutions:

Wendy Wood designed this course to guide teenagers and adults to trust God and His goodness, rather than spiraling through anxiety. As a result, learners will understand what the Bible means when it talks about the heart and how emotions, thoughts, and desires drive responses. Equipped with specific strategies, they can respond to anxiety in a way that quiets the heart and pleases God. Learners can trust in the Lord and rest in His grace with a quiet soul, not an anxious one. It is our privilege to help people overcome anxiety through biblical counseling!

Course Audience:

Designed for teenagers and young adults, this course includes video lessons, interactive activities, reading, and thinking. For teenagers, we encourage parents to go through the material with them, encouraging them and discussing the content. This one-on-one is important. We also provide a teen-only group, a parent-only group, and an adult-only group on the Lemon Grove Social platform, where you can connect with others who are like-minded. Social learning can bring accountability and more encouragement.

Course Author & Doctrine: 

This course was written by Wendy Wood, a certified teacher, who also holds her biblical counseling certification through The Association of Certified Biblical Counseling. God has provided us with biblical solutions to anxiety and worry! To see the doctrine that guides our study and use of the Bible, please visit The Master’s Seminary Doctrinal Statement, which we have adopted.


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