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Lemons-Aid Learning
The Lemons-Aid Learning Parent / Teacher Book Club
Specially designed for
Christian Homeschool
Moms & Teachers

🚀 This book club meets online September 25, 2024 at 8 PM Eastern.

🖥️ After you register, you will get a Zoom link. 

💰 We do not charge anything. We are happy to host and lead the book club! 

Our Book Club Selection for September:

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Moms & Teachers
Raising a Generation of Christ-Followers

The Purpose of Education - The purpose of educating our children is to know God and serve Him with our lives. This is the primary purpose of all teaching and learning. We should do so with a biblical worldview.

By Age 13 - Who your child will be as an adult is essentially determined by the age of 13.

The Christian Worldview - The Christian worldview is absolute and exclusive, and the majority of conservative evangelical churches are drifting away from a biblically-based way of life.

September's Book Selection:

Think Biblically! Recovering A Christian Worldview

John Macarthur: Think Biblically!

John MacArthur, Jr.

General Editor

With The Master’s College Faculty

Table of Contents:

Part One – The Biblical Foundation:

  1. Embracing the authority and sufficiency of scripture
  2. Cultivating a biblical mindset
  3. Comprehending creation
  4. Coming to grips with sin
  5. Having an eternally right relationship with God
  6. Viewing the nations from God’s perspective

Part Two – The Biblical Formulation:

  1. Understanding our postmodern world
  2. Profiling Christian masculinity
  3. Portraying Christian femininity
  4. Enjoying spiritual worship and music
  5. Why biblical counseling and not psychology? 
  6. Why a scriptural view of science? 
  7. Why Christian education and not secular indoctrination? 
  8. Reflecting honestly on history
  9. Developing a biblical view of church and state
  10. Proposing a biblical approach to economics
  11. Glorifying God in literary and artistic culture
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