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The Notables: A High School Book Club for Reading the Classics

Shared Reading of Novels from a Biblical Worldview
An essential part of high school English is the study of classic and other notable novels. These works of literature may be notable for the longevity of their influence, exceptional quality, contribution to culture, or typical of an era, people, or movement. In this class, we will work our way through notable novels together. Students will read roughly 90 minutes and discuss classic novels each week.   We do the reading together in class, just like guided reading, which ensures students actually read the novels and understand them instead of buzzing through the Cliff's Notes version. They also learn how to read analytically, discovering who they are as readers and how to evaluate literature critically.   The idea is to read broadly, deeply, and regularly while thinking biblically about deeper life questions that literature brings to bear. We attempt to answer essential questions brought to light by each novel by synthesizing biblical truth with classic literature.
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Live Class


Mrs. Lemons

Class Time

7:15am Eastern | 8:15am Mountain | 9:15am Central  | 10:15am Eastern

Meeting Days
Tue, Wed, & Thu
Students need their own copy of each novel
Class Duration
40 min classes
$24 per week
($336 for the semester Sept-Dec 17)
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  SEPT 4 - OCT 29: The Adventures of tom sawyer by mark twain

  OCT 30 - Nov 19: Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford

 No class the week of Thanksgiving

  NOV 27 - DEC 17: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

 No class the three weeks over Christmas and New Years

  JAN 10 - mar 25: flowers for algernon by daniel keyes

  mar 28 - may 5: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

How does this course work? 

 To create and maintain a friendly environment, we start class by briefly getting to each other or by catching up with life. We also pray and/or read a passage from the Bible. 

 The teacher takes turns with the students reading aloud. We stop to ensure comprehension and to discuss along the way. 

 Our shared experience is amazing!
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Learn to think biblically:

Understand God

He is the Creator of the universe, all of humanity, has ultimate power, goodness, and is love. He is the maker of all things beautiful.

Understand Yourself

We are in trouble without the redeeming work Jesus did on the cross. When we evaluate literary characters, their faults, strengths, and sins, we understand ourselves better. We understand our need for Jesus.

Understand the World

Life is beautiful. Life is rough. Life is dangerous. What is wrong with the world, and what is the solution? We are on a wild adventure, living in a fallen world. Although we live in a culture corrupted by sin, we also struggle with the presence of sin in our own hearts. What is one to do?
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Why should I take this course?

Reading aloud should still happen through middle and high school! It's the perfect opportunity to develop a biblical worldview. Did you know that children who are read to benefit greatly? Benefits include having an increased activation in certain brain regions, improved mental health, and they score better than 90% of their peers on standardized tests! Check out the stats from the Literacy Project.

develop higher levels of empathy and emotional intelligence

improve semantic language processing in the brain
With 20 minutes of reading a day, students...

words per year

say they like someone reading aloud to them

have a reduction in stress
Even for teens...

The Power of Reading Aloud

Hear from Kate DiCamillo, a Newbery Medal winner, the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, on the power of reading aloud. 
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When people talk about the importance of reading aloud, they almost always mean an adult reading to a child. We forget about the surly adolescent and the confused young adult and the weary middle-aged and the lonely old. We need it too. We all need that third place, that safe room that reading out loud provides. We all need that chance to see each other.
Kate Dicamillo

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