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American Sign Language (ASL) Through Interactive Storytelling: Teens Level 1

A Full Year's Credit of American Sign Language
In this year-long ASL class, students learn to sign through stories that they co-create with their teacher, who has an intentional, academic plan for language acquisition. This is a fun, active, social, and interactive class! Optional homework will be assigned for students who are seeking a year of foreign language credit.
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  Live Course

Starts Sep 12. Enroll Anytime.


Mrs. Chapman

Class Time

12:00pm Eastern | 1:00pm Mountain | 2:00pm Central  | 3:00pm Eastern

Meeting Days
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Student's camera needs to show the upper body and face.
Class Duration
25 min classes
$430 (school year)
payment plan available
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My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed this class, and she has definitely learned more sign. She likes the teacher a lot! Kimberly is knowledgeable and very encouraging. THANK YOU! 
-Jenn, New York

A Snapshot of Each Class

 To create and maintain a friendly environment, we start class by briefly getting to each other or by catching up with life. We also pray and/or read a passage from the Bible. 

 We move on to story asking and storytelling. Students and teacher collaborate on a story. Will Bob go to Water World and fight a shark over a Slurpee? Will Lucy 's taco get stolen, and she hopes the police will find the guy? These stories are different every day as students and teacher co-create them. They don't even know they are acquiring a foreign language because they're having so much fun! 

  Students get homework, so they can independently practice new skills. Homework and grades are optional unless you would like your student to earn a full year of foreign language credit.
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Class Description

This ASL class is a long-time in the making! As Karen Lemons tried to find ASL teachers for her own teenagers, she only found one who taught in a method that focused on language acquisition in a fun atmosphere with active students. That teacher is amazing but had limited availability, so Karen went out and hired her own teacher for Lemons-Aid. And here we are, offering amazing American Sign Language classes to our community of learners. And you will LOVE our ASL teacher, Kimberly Chapman. 

In this class learners will focus on implementing their ASL vocabulary in the context of a silly and interactive story. There is an emphasis on developing question and answer skills for comprehension. Grammar and syntax are introduced naturally within context for greater acquisition. Please note that ASL is a visual language which requires the learners to have their cameras on and hands and faces visible. Because we are having conversations with our hands and using facial and body expressions, this is a highly interactive class. Class participation is necessary for maximum learning. 
 This class is focused on language acquisition through three steps: 

 STEP 1.
We establish the shared meaning of vocabulary and phrases through games, activities, pictures, other visuals, and even spoken language. 

 STEP 2.
We go through a collaborative, signed class story that is short, simple, and entertaining. Students contribute to the story through "story asking" and repetitively use the words and phrases we established in step 1. Mrs. Chapman has a "skeleton story" designed to give the class a framework for either a problem or adventure story. Each class has a personalized and fun story that is based on targeted language goals as well as the class's contribution. 

 STEP 3.
Students work on literacy and extension through after-class activities. These are optional, but they give students an extra opportunity for learning and exploring. Each week, Mrs. Chapman focuses on her skeleton story with planned vocabulary and phrases for students to learn.

This is a class for BEGINNERS. No previous ASL knowledge is required.

Learn to think biblically:

Understand God

He is the Creator of the universe, all of humanity, has ultimate power, goodness, and is love. He is the maker of all things beautiful. The creator of language, God gives us the ability to know Him and each other through spoken, and in this case, signed language. Sign language is another way to communicate and glorify God.

Understand Yourself

We are in trouble without the redeeming work Jesus did on the cross. As we rely on His strength and work hard to pursue new learning, we are equipped for serving God with our skills and talents. We exist to glorify God.

Understand the World

Life is beautiful. Life is rough. Life is dangerous. What is wrong with the world, and what is the solution? We are on a wild adventure, living in a fallen world. Although we live in a culture corrupted by sin, we also struggle with the presence of sin in our own hearts. What is one to do?
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